THERMEX Spray Drying Plants transforms solutions (or fine suspensions) in uniform powders securing a continuous product flow without man-handling or requiring intermediate treatment, protecting and securing the product´s properties and quality.

The system is used in a wide range of processes and industries, considering that the variables such as flow, temperature and speed can be adjusted o regulated depending on the sensitivity, dampness or granulation  required  in the processed product.

THERMEX Spray Drying Plants are dispatched to start operating immediately and we can adjust at your requirement the following variables: size, drying capacity, automation grade, physical characteristics such as heating technology, height, width, etc.

  • High product output
  • The water evaporated refrigerates the particle allowing the process to use high air temperatures without affecting the final result.
  • Good product presentation
  • Easy operation with minimal personnel required
  • Product continuity
Some pictures of prevously produced equipments can be observed here: